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Welcome to the official blog site of Singapore Hok San Association. This website is an intiative of the Hoksan Youth Group dedicated to Traditional Hok San (he shan-styled) Lion Dance and Martial Arts lovers.

Through the establishment of this blog site, we hope to shed some light into this art which started off in Singapore in 1920. Visitors will get to know more about the art of traditional Hok San-styled lion dance, which separates itself from the competitive contemporary form. It is an art which we strive to preserve it in its most original form, which is passed down from our various masters through generations.

Not just that, we will also like to share our fun experiences about life in our association, youth club, and of course! Lion dancing coupled with martial arts! We hope that we will be able to find some like-minded ones here who are interested in traditional Chinese culture. And if not, who knows we might bring out the curiosity in you to know more!

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06 June 2013

Chinese New Year performance 2013

Posted by Sghoksan On 16:47

At the top are the photos during our annual chinese new year cai qing performance. Enjoy! :)